CeltFest Info BOOTHS/EXHIBITIONS: Come help or visit!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CeltFest does trade show style info booths at various Celtic events--on the Island, on the mainland, and in Washington state!

We'd like to invite local & visiting (present and past) CeltFest volunteers and staff to see if any of you would like to get involved in staffing the following info booths/parade where CeltFest will be spreading the good word about our 10th anniversary festival:

~June 6- Belliingham Highland Games--Ferndale, WA
~June 19/20 weekend: Stewart Feis (Irish Dance Competition--Burnaby, BC
~June 26- BC Highland Games, Coquitlam, BC ** BIG VENUE
~July 1- Parksville Canada Day Parade....lots of fun** we could use LOTS of BODIES MARCHING.. please RSVP to Heiko that you are coming and see below......babaird@telus.net or hbehn@telus.net

******Enticement: the first 10 people who offer to come get their T-shirts free!****

Aye! Carolyn, Rene and the Committe