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Scottish Gaelic Programme

It's our pleasure to expand what CeltFest participants have previously known as "Gaelic Day" into a weekend /weeklong programme for the first time!

The Scottish Gaelic classes will be based on the immersion style of language experience called TIP – Total Immersion Plus. The class has something to offer anyone at any level of Gaelic.

A beginner will come away from the class understanding and speaking some common and useful sentences. A learner with exposure to the language in reading and writing will gain experience in conversational Gaelic. An experienced speaker will have a chance to use the language and to help learners.

Participants may choose to take an active role or to observe. No one will be put on the spot.

The conversation will be centred around interaction and activities. We will, for instance, sit down to tea and cookies and use basic, useful phrases such as ‘I want this,’ and ‘I don’t want that.’

 A student may choose to attend only the sessions on the weekend, or only the sessions during the week, or both. The sessions during the week will start with some repetition of the weekend material, but then it will go in new directions. TIP is a very fluid way of teaching and learning, and you never know where it’s going to go ahead of time.

 Before going into the classroom, we will take time to speak in English to orient ourselves to what we are about to do. When we step into the classroom, we will leave our English at the door. For the last part of the class, we will pick up our English once again so students can ask questions, make notes, and discuss the language learning.

 TIP is the method now most commonly used in Scotland and Nova Scotia to help learners become fluent in Gaelic. They find it offers a 75% success rate, compared to the 2% rate of the reading-and-writing methods of language learning. Obviously we won’t have enough time to get anybody to fluency in this session, but we’ll make a nice start!

A sample of an immersion class in Nova Scotia an be found on You Tube here >>

You may choose one or both Scots Gaelic PROGRAMMES:

  • Short Program: Saturday July 14, Sunday July 15, 3 hours each day. 11am-2pm
  • Week-Long Program: Saturday and Sunday as above, PLUS 1.5 hours 5:30-7:00 M,T,W,Th.  each night be for the nightly concert/ceilidh.

In addition, there is a stand-alone workshop offered to all, free of charge for full-time students in any area of study, or open as a "one of" just before the Sunset & Stars Finale Gala.

  • Thursday workshop: July19



You have 2 options for registering:


Irish Gaelic

Short sessions introducing some basic Irish expressions and songs will be implemented into the Irish Dance program again this year.  If you are not an Irish dance student, but would like to attend a session, please contact us by email, or call (250)758-0208.


What to Bring

  • Just your voices - songbooks will be provided  (Some bring small recorders for the repertoire part of song class) 
  • For notebook or paper
  • Pens 
  • Pencils 
  • Notebook  
  • Binder or folder for handouts  
  • Recording devices for musicians (optional)  
  • Water bottle  
  • Wacky costume for those participants in the Jig and Hornpipe Contest 
  • Highland Dress/Irish Costumes are Optional 
  • For outdoor/beach outings:
  • Shorts  
  • Long Pants  
  • Raingear  
  • Sweater for evening
  • Outdoor Sportswear & Sunscreen 
  • Bathing suit 
  • Beach towel 
  • Bug repellent  

Class Schedule/Location

The class schedule and location at CCPA will be finalized once classes fill.