CeltFestive Greetings, Concerts & Gift Idea

 Here’s to the CeltFest 2020-20th anniversary events, that didn’t happen.

Instead, like us, you may have participated in some amazing online events of authentic artistry from the international community, shared around the globe!


As a nod to the closing concerts we had planned to present in person last month, here are two such amazing livestreamed shows we are co-presenting to be broadcast from the Savoy Theatre in Cape Breton. Featuring performers we know and love—and more—they are sure to get you singing, dancing and feeling the seasonal love! Pull up an eggnog in your PJs and join us for:

Christmas with The Barra MacNeils – Dec 12th & Dec 26th

The Cape Breton Christmas Hour [a 2-hour show]—Dec 19th & Dec 26th


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Step up to 2021 by HONOURING YOUR PURPOSE CONSCIOUSLY & FEARLESSLY. Life, business and relationships have been especially challenging lately, but this current climate offers exceptional opportunities for those who step up. Carolyn is mid-way through her ICF coaching accreditation, and, with her extensive executive and leadership experience, she has been logging more coaching hours, to the delight of many of her clients. For our patrons/clients, CUE CONSULTING, Celtic Performing Arts’ sister company is offering a package of 6 x 1-hour private Zoom (or phone) Life, Leadership, Executive or Relationship Coaching sessions with Carolyn at a fraction of the normal cost till March 1st, 2021. Order|e-transfer to: carolyn@consulting.ca (in Canada only) or by Credit Card/Paypal here:   Info|Buy                                                                                                                                                                               

Like many hearing the call towards developing self and others, Rene has been working towards publishing his book of original music, more to follow. And yes, he does have his own private coach working with him on this ambitious project


With all Good Tidings, Joy, Love and Peace this Season,  

Carolyn, Rene & Family | CeltFest Vancouver Island & CUE CONSULTING