Ceilidh Dance


Ceilidh Dance is a mixture of:

Scottish Country Dance (informal version called "Ceilidh Dance")
Irish Ceili Dance
Cape Breton Ceilidh Dances-Square Sets 


...and other social dances of the Celtic and North American/European traditions that instructors may have in their repertoire.  Whatever it is that day, it gets your toes a-tappin-, and your hands a-clappin'!

This ever-popular class is offered at CeltFest 2012 at the Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) each day Monday-Thursday 2:45-4:15. Anyone, dancers and non-dancers---are invited to participate.

Drop in participants are welcome for a fee of $15 per class! (ie. those not enrolled in CeltFest). Please make arrangements at the CeltFest office at the CCPA beforehand, 1701 Elgin Road, Victoria, where the dance classes are held.