Summer School offers a wide variety of subjects. Students should choose one major subject, which is offered during the daytime. Electives are optional, and are generally offered in the early evening before concerts. Click on each subject below for a detailed description of the subject and class offerings, instructor bios, class location, what to bring and registration information.

NOTE: Priority for class space is given to full-time (day) students attending the full week.  As of May 25,  room for evening students, in the courses marked * are opened to non full-time students. There will also be some select weekend workshops open to all.

MAJOR (Day) SUBJECTS offered full-time | *those offered part time or as optional electives:

Piping & Drumming School:

Dance Camps:

Celtic Music School:

Language Courses:

Special Interest Courses: 

EVENING SUBJECTS open to non-fulltime students: 1.5 hours before the concerts:

(Classes marked*above either have part day programs or are offered as electives for full-time students and evening courses for the general public as space permits). Admission to these is by enrolling through the registration form (go to SECTION C), or by purchasing a FestiValue CeltPASS. See list and more here>>


WEEKEND WORKSHOPS open to anyone: are going up here>>  NOTE: All are FREE of charge, ie "BONUS" workshops to Full-Time (Day) students.  It is recommended that all other participants pre-book into these.  For guaranteed admission, go to tickets.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call CeltFest office at (250) 758-0208 or the Registrar at (250) 740-2511 for more timely information.


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          "CeltFest is the highlight of my family's summer" -A.S., Washington state, USA

"I've attended CeltFest several times and have been constantly blown away by the amazing instruction"- Owen Barrington, Adult Men's World Irish Dancing Champion, and former CeltFest student, AK, USA

"What can I say but that one week was not long enough?"- M.S., adult CeltFest student, Austria