Youth Campers

Are you sending your child to CeltFest on their own as a day camper? Children attending CeltFest must be supervised when outside of classes.

While most children staying in residence attend with their "own" adults in tow, we appreciate parents might want to take in local attractions or do some courses yourself!

In either case, if you as a parent or guardian are not available to supervise your child during lunch hour, and immediately after classes end, CALL US!  For stayover students, we have a House Parent program. We are also equipped to arrange transportaton to an from airport or ferry for your child. Please call the CeltFest office to make arrangements.

For day students as well, often we can help to ensure your child has appropriate supervision outside of class time.

Carolyn or Rene: (250) 758-0208 or 1 (866) 301-CELT




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        "CeltFest is the highlight of my family's summer" -A.S., Washington state, USA

"I've attended CeltFest several times and have been constantly blown away by the amazing instruction"- Owen Barrington, Adult Men's World Irish Dancing Champion, and former CeltFest student, AK, USA

"What can I say but that one week was not long enough?"- M.S., adult CeltFest student, Austria