Celtic Song

Celtic Singer's Intensive  2012

"A sharing of gold is but brief, but a sharing of song lasts long." - Gaelic Proverb


Full Time Programme

Called the Celtic Singers' Intensive, never before has a Celtic/Gaelic Song program been so comprehensive.  Our first two years have been a resounding success, and 2012 adds even more depth and richness for singers of every experience level.With a list of outstanding internationally acclaimed instructors, including Eileen McGann (BC), Niamh Ni Charra (Ireland) and Lori & Innes Watson (Scotland), the program offers five days of classes in Scottish, Irish and Gaelic song and a special comprehensive course called “The Compleat Celtic Singer”, which includes sessions on vocal techniques, performance skills, songwriting, arrangement, harmony and more.  The program also includes “Celtic Choir” - a chance to put everything together and create a joyful ensemble!  Plus optional instrumental or art instruction, performance opportunities galore, and a world-class concert series.  We have developed this comprehensive pan-Celtic song program that includes all of the following areas:

  1. Scottish Songs in English and Scots*: Lori Watson, Innes Watson, Eileen McGann
  2. Irish Songs in English and Gaelic: Niamh Ni Charra 
  3. Celtic Choir and Harmony Singing: all instructors
  4. The Compleat Celtic Singer: Eileen McGann, plus all instructors above  
    -includes sessions on performance techniques, songwriting, working with an audience, arranging songs and using your voice. 

*Expand your repertoire with a selection of Scottish songs in Scots (not Scottish Gaelic, which is offered in another special song workshop on Thursday) and English including lullabies, children's songs, ballads (muckle sangs) and songs of love, friendship and the supernatural. Focussing on interpretation and performance of the Scottish tradition and the history and folklore associated integral to it. Accompaniment for a selection of these songs will be included in Guitar Accompaniment for Singers.

5. PLUS you may choose from among the following elective options to round out your CeltFest singing experience (evening programs before the concerts):

-Folk Song

-Celtic Knotwork Art

-Scottish Gaelic Language

Whether you are an experienced singer or a beginner, this program is a unique opportunity to work with some of the Celtic world's best vocalists and learn their secrets to being powerful singers and interpreters of Celtic music.  You will expand your repertoire of songs old and new from a number Celtic nations, learn to sing some songs in the original Gaelic, by ear, hence no language skills required. Then we will work with these great singers and teachers to put the package together and present your interpretaion of these songs to an audience, if you wish to.

We will be looking to do a "Folk Choir" performance or two over CeltFest week!

The Celtic Singer's Intensive program is full time, beginning at 9 am. The core course subjects (1-4) listed above are at 9 am-4:15 pm, with electives and evening courses to follow, if desired.

Elective/Evening Program

Any of the elective course subjects above may be selected as an elective by students doing a Major subject during the day.

The Gaelic Singing Workshop on Thursday afternoon is included in the Celtic Singers' Intensive program.  It is also open to include the public and tickets are recommended to be purchased in advance as space is limited.  If you are not a registered studentclick here to view workshop listing and purchase tickets.

Student performance opportunities will also be available in the evening after-hours CeltFest events, for those who wish to practice their skills, individually or in groups.  You will also get to see your instructors in performance over the course of the week in the Concert Series that take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.


What to Bring

  • For Singing: Just your voices - songbooks will be provided 
  • For songwriting: notebook or paper
  • Pens 
  • Pencils 
  • Notebook  
  • Binder or folder for handouts  
  • Water bottle  
  • Wacky costume for those participants in the Jig and Hornpipe Contest  

Class Schedule/Location

A proposed class schedule is linked below. The class schedule and locations will be finalized once classes fill. 

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