Celtic Harp

ANNOUNCING CELTFEST TRAD BAND: This year, CeltFest is delighted to present a comprehensive music school featuring many disciplines, which, though, taught separately, come together during CeltFest week to form a special ensemble---TRAD BAND. This is open to all full-time students registered in Celtic Music School subjects, and will take place in Block 6 (4:00-5:00) following the day program.


Intermediate to Advanced Folk Harp (Full-time Programme)

This class is for Intermediate players of any age - who read by ear or manuscript. For those who wish to learn to read music, written material will be available to help you read both treble and bass clefs.  This can be done in your own time or during class when you have a moment on your own.

INTERMEDIATE players already have good technique and can work at a moderate pace. Discover some slow airs and dance tunes from the different regions of Scotland and Ireland. This course
will focus on style and specific techniques, including fingering, ornamentation and
rhythm, and arrangement of tunes.

ADVANCED levels, those who are proficient players will learn slow airs and dance tunes of Ireland and Scotland. We will look at ornamentation and decorating melodies, and at different left-hand accompaniment styles.

Introductory Folk Harp (Elective Part-time: one block)

Designed for the absolute beginner without previous harp experience, this course will teach the basics of playing the Celtic Harp.  Participants will have one class per day to get the feel of a harp, to learn hand placement, easy songs, and participate in a "Harpers Circle."

Aillie will lead the class, while Intermediate students will provide individual attention.  Harps will be provided, and class size is limited.


What to Bring

  • Intermediate Level Harpists: Harp, sheet music
  • Beginners: Please notify us if you need to borrow or rent a harp
  • Pens/pencils 
  • Notebook
  • Binder or folder for handouts  
  • Recording device (optional)  
  • Water bottle  
  • Wacky costume for those participants in the Jig and Hornpipe Contest  
  • Shorts  
  • Long Pants  
  • Rain gear  
  • Sweater for evening
  • Outdoor sportswear, sunscreen and hat 
  • Bathing suit 
  • Beach towel 
  • Bug repellent
  • Highland dress/Irish costumes (optional)  
  • Your best attitude for a fun-filled week of learning! 

Class Schedule/Location

The class schedule and location will be finalized once registration closes on June 25. We will post it here as soon as it is available.

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