Fiona Smith

Fiona Smith – Canadian heart, Gaelic soul~

Fiona lives in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, but her passion lies in the culture of the Scottish Highlands. She is a keen student of the history and the language.

Fiona ran across Scottish Gaelic at the age of 14 and fell immediately and hopelessly in love. She studied it independently and then found the Atlantic Gaelic Academy (AGA) in Cape Breton and the wonders of classes over Skype.

For the last three years, she has studied Gaelic with Angus MacLeod of the AGA, completing the Advanced Level this year.

She is currently working on perfecting her accent in a mild form of the Lewis dialect and plans for the day when she is at home in any Gaelic dialect. Using Skype, she now tutors Gaelic with beginner and intermediate students.

Her particular love is Gaelic song, naming her favourite type as “cheerful war songs.” Her repertoire is varied and always growing.

“Fiona has progressed very rapidly through the levels of Gaelic learning and is now at a higher level than can be expected from a university graduate. Her pronunciation, knowledge of grammar and singing are all at a very high level. I fully and without reservation endorse Fiona Smith as a teacher of beginner to high intermediate levels in Gaelic and in the teaching of Gaelic songs. Expect to be pleasantly surprised.” -Angus MacLeod, Instructor, AGA


Fiona Smith