Irish Dance

Irish Dance                        


Rose Fearon,  TCRG, ADCRG

Owen Barrington, TCRG,  More TBA                     

Irish danceIrish Dancing is a unique mixture of art, music and dance that together tell the story of Ireland. The most evident characteristic of Irish dancing is the rigidity of the arms and upper body, with all movements coming from the legs and feet. 

 The foundation of all Irish dance is "sevens and threes". As the dancer masters these basic techniques, they will be introduced to new rhythms and more complex steps. The character of these steps varies with the traditional music to which they are performed - the quickness of reels, the lightness of jigs and slipjigs, and the rhythmic measure of hornpipes. 

The first dances a student learns will be performed in soft shoes, but as the dancer develops coordination and timing,they will need a second kind of shoe - hard shoes - filled with fiberglass heels and tips. Now the dancer will learn to make rhythmic sounds using the toe, heel, and ball of the foot.

IMPORTANT: CeltFest Irish Dance Camp is an OPEN WORKSHOP, as declared by An Coimisiún le Rincí  Gaelacha in Ireland in January, 2012. This workshop is exempt from Association Rules and open to dancers of all schools, regardless of any affilations in place.     Read more

Beginner & Advanced Beginner Program: (part day)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:15-2:45  (bonus ceilidh dance class to follow till 4:00)*

Newer dancers, also including younger dancers who may be of a higher competitive classification, may come to a shortened program offered each weekday for an hour and a half.  The focus on this class is to strenthen the dancer's knowledge and basic technique and execution and to instill good habits.

Introduction to the rhythm, music and  basic steps of Irish dance will be revisited with those who have less than a year of dancing, however, this program is designed for those who have 1-3 years of dancing behind them, and may be suitable for younger novice dancers. 

*ceilidh dance is open to all CeltFest registered students, and also to non-students by donation to the CeltFest bursary fund.  Parents and siblings are welcome to drop in and attend!

Novice to Open Champion Levels Programs: (full day)

Drills with focus on correct techniques for Irish Dancing; going over some soft and hard shoe exercises and steps. Some new rhythms for hard shoe, technique in soft and advanced material in all aspects of solo dance. Perfection of traditionial dances and some preparation for show work. 


For all levels of dancer, as appropriate, there will be techniques taught for not only Solos, but also for Team Dancing and exploring the world of Ceili Dance!

Additional Bonuses in the CeltFest Dance program:

  • Dancer Wellness, nutrition, conditioning & injury prevention
  • Irish Gaelic Language and Song
  • Irish Ceili, Scottish Ceilidh, and Cape Breton ceilidh and Canadian Stepdance sessions
  • May incorporate some song and/or celtic knotwork art if time permits
  • Talk on what it is involved in "going pro"

Performance Opportunities for Dancers:

Don't forget the Wacky Jig & Hornpipe Contest !  Get your costume and a Jig or Hornpipe number together and come on out to the cafeteria and perform!

Each night after the concerts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, there will be ceilidhs to follow! There is a good chance of spontaneous dance performances (like the one below) and and ceili dancing happening.  Be there!

CeltFest students receive a reduced ticket price on concerts when tickets are ordered 
using their registration form. After-Ceilidhs are free for students.