CeltFest Summer School

Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 6:30pm - Friday, July 23, 2010 - 12:00am
Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC

It's our 10th annual, largely regarded as the best school in North America for complete offerings of Celtic performing arts: Music, Dance, Song...even Art! All ages and skill levels are welcome! Many do not require previous experience! Here are overviews of each subject offered:

Piping | Drumming

There are lots of great piping and drumming schools.  Most focus on the development of competitive pipers and drummers, rather than the evolution of skilled musicians who can perform and entertain well
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Dancing:  Highland | Irish | Cape Breton Step|Scottish Country | Ceilidh

Since it began in 2001, the dance programme has offered unique learning and dance opportunities for students.  Every year, some of the best instructors in the world -- who often happen to be some of the finest performers/champions in their art form -- have taught at the school and performed at CeltFest. 
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The role of the fiddle in Celtic culture in our age is central.  When early Gaels lost access to pipes and harps, long considered their "first instruments", the more modern European violin began to take their place in preserving their traditional tunes.
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Celtic Harp

Along with the Highland pipe, the harp was a "first instrument" of the Gael.  The harp class has been offerend most years at CeltFest.  Back by popular demand, it is again available in 2010 for beginner and intermediate harp students.
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Celtic Song | Gaelic Song & Milling Frolic Workshop

Scots songs in English, Irish songs in English, Canadian songs, Gaelic songs and Cape Breton milling, Frolic (traditional Waulking songs), "The Compleat Singer", join in the chorus...
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This program is open to all levels of guitar proficiency, and will teach you how to play Celtic songs and tunes on guitar.
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Bodhran | Percussion

Bodrahn and Hand Drumming classes are offerd for the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced player.
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Celtic Artwork | Crafts

Since ancient times, the beautiful, intricate art form of Celtic interlace design has adorned the buildings, stonework, monuments, jewelry, clothing and manuscripts of the Celtic nations.
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Penny Whistle

An easily accessible instrument in Ireland for years, it is often used as the "practice chanter" for the Uilleann (Irish) Pipe.  It has enjoyed a resurgence of late, particularly since the phenomena of "Riverdance" and the blockbuster movie "The Titanic".
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Other Pipes | Woodwinds

In this course students will have an opportunity to learn how to become better players. The setting up and maintenance of the instrument will be a major focus as most pipers will have had an opportunity to work specifically on technique within the Highland Pipe classes.
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Health & Wellness

CeltFest dance and music programs place a high premium on not only improving the students' craft, but also doing so without injury, and in an ergonomically sound manner.
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